Boys Soccer


Hillsdale soccer will provide student-athletes with the skill set necessary to compete physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as succeed academically in high school and college. Through commitment, dedication and performance we will be recognized as an elite program with the growth of character, ability and self-worth at the core. Training for players and coaches will focus on respect, discipline, accountability, teamwork, sportsmanship, and passion for soccer. All aspects of the program will be conducted in a manner that positively impacts the lives of players and coaches, on and off the field.



Varsity Boys Soccer Roster  
First Name Last Name Grade Level
Jonathan Bautista Torres 10
Luciano Buiza 11
Harrison Casebeer 12
Alexei Davis 11
Klinton Diaz Morales 12
Gabriel Dimas 11
Oisin Doherty Fagan 12
Keenan Edge 9
Darin Hui 12
Justin Hurd 12
Erick Maldonado 11
Brandon Mayeda 12
Daniel Meza 11
Kento Mori 12
Benjamin Nestor 12
Raunak Roy 12
Drew Taner 12
Hansen Xiao 11


JV Boys Soccer Roster
First Name Last Name Grade Level
Cipriano Arrieta Jordan 11
Edgar Ivan Barajas Avina 11
Matthew Cabral 10
Armando Cornejo 11
Conor Creegan 10
Carlos Crespo Triveno 10
Parker Crouse 10
Brandon Cruz 11
Rory Doherty-Fagan 11
Marley Ebinger 10
Donovan Garcia 10
Brendan Graville 10
Kushal Karki 11
Zachary Levitan 11
Daniel Macias 10
Breen Mee 10
Marco Nevarez Cardenas 10
Angel Oseguera 10
Giovanni Porfirio 10
Pedro Ramirez 10
Jonathan Resendiz Recillas 11
Jaime Rodriguez 10
Ernesto Ruiz 10
Luke Sena 11
Avery Walker 11


Freshman Boys Soccer Roster
First Name Last Name Grade Level
Kevin Arriaga Luna 9
Jorge Arroyo 9
Andrew Binello Allegretti 9
Murat Borluca 9
Marcos Cardenas 9
Ryan Catney 9
Justin Flohr 9
Mason Floro 9
Alexander Henry 9
Daniel Levitan 9
Christian Martin 9
Benjamin Miner 9
Justin Perez Castaneda 9
Manuel Privado-Sanchez 9
Vinzel Rodriguez 9
Zachary Rodriguez 9
Michael Sipes 9
Ian Suoquon Llumpo 9
David Voskoboynik 9
Nicolas Zorzi 9


Coach Name Jaime Gomez        Contact-

Important Note: Please send an e-mail directly to Coach Jaime if you have not been receiving my e-mail updates. I will add you to the distribution list for all future communication.Go Fighting Knights! 

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NEED A SCHEDULE? Download or print boys soccer schedules from the links below.

Varsity Boys Soccer Schedule

JV Boys Soccer Schedule