Recruiting Information

1. College Research and NCAA Recruiting Calendars and Eligibility Resources

This link will take you to a page that has all NCAA programs from DI – DIII.  As an athlete you’ll want to create a list of colleges that you are interested in for academics as well as athletics.


This link will provide you will the recruiting calendars that all coaches must follow for the NCAA.  It also has information for the eligibility requirements for all potential NCAA athletes.


2. Coach Talent Assessment

You should notify the head coach of your team and tell them you are interested in pursuing collegiate sports.  Ask if they can help assess your talent and create a list of colleges in which they feel that you can be competitive.


3. SAT / ACT registration

Make sure you are registered to take these tests.  Prep course are offering through the college and career center.


4.NCAA Eligibility Center

Make sure you fill out a profile with the eligibility center.


5. Junior College and NAIA resources

There are many opportunities at other levels of collegiate athletics besides NCAA.  Look at these websites below to see what other options are available to you. (Junior Colleges) (CA Junior Colleges)


6. Have a Signed Transcript Release Form on File with the Athletic Director’s office.

Sometimes a college recruiter may ask to see a student’s transcript. The Athletic Department is not authorized to release transcripts without the permission of the student and parent. Please make sure you have an Transcript release form on file with the Athletic Director’s office.  You can get the form here.


7. Marketing yourself and being proactive

NO ONE can give you a scholarship or get you in front of collegiate coaches unless you are proactive and do the work on your end. The time and effort you put into your sport should be put into your college selection and application process.