Quan Ngyuen is Hillsdale Heart of Knight!

Quan Ngyuen is Hillsdale Heart of a Knight recipient! Quan has a 4.0 GPA, played Varsity Basketball and Golf… He was not the best athlete in either program, but he is the perfect example for why any one coach, coach’s their sport. Quan is a strong leader who leads by example and will do anything to help the team, even if that means if he has to sit on the bench, for someone else’s development.

Quan has a Heart of a Knight, and is well deserving of the Tony Cecil Award, so deserving that we have offered him to be a coach this summer with the basketball program, and he has taken the initiative to mentor another student, because he believes he can really help the basketball program. Quan is part of Leadership at school, and is in Knight Moves, with all these extra curricular activities, he has still maintained a 4.0 GPA. Lastly Quan’s personality is the highest quality, he will be attending UCSB next year, and I can see him giving back not only to Hillsdale, but the community as well

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