Knights Sports Medicine



The Knights Sports Medicine Program was established at Hillsdale High School to serve its student-athletes. The mission of the Knights Sports Medicine Program is to provide high-quality healthcare to its student athletes through prevention, management, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses in order to achieve optimal athletic potential.

In collaboration with the Young Athletes Academy, established by Stanford Children’s Health, Knights Sports Medicine provides comprehensive healthcare with access to athletic trainers, physicians and specialists, injury prevention programs (ACL, Female Athlete Triad Consultation, Nutrition Consultation, Overtraining/Burnout Screening), educational programs for athletes, parents and coaches, motion analysis laboratory, concussion management and more.

The following are services provided to the Hillsdale student-athlete by the athletic trainer:

  • Preventative care
  • Pre-hospital emergency care
  • Early recognition, evaluation, and care of athletic injuries.
  • Wound care
  • Appropriate taping, bracing, wrapping and splinting.
  • Referral to appropriate medical professionals when applicable
  • Rehabilitation and reconditioning

Contact Head Athletic Trainer Amanda Germain at (650) 558-2642 or for more information or questions about the Hillsdale Knights Sports Medicine Program.
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