Athletic Injuries


Athletic Injuries

Guidelines for Athletic Injury Reporting and Referral

Sports injuries are an unfortunate consequence of athletic participation. In order to provide the best possible care for these injuries, the following procedures have been established:

Reporting of Athletic Injuries

Any sports-related injury that occurs during participation in athletics sponsored by Hillsdale High School should be reported to the athlete’s coach AND athletic trainer immediately. If the athlete is unable to return to play, or if the injury requires additional care, the athlete’s parents will be notified and the proper care will be discussed. The athlete will not be allowed to return to participation until medical clearance is given by the athlete’s physician, if seen by a physician, or athletic trainer.

Physician Referral

The Athletic Trainer will evaluate the injury and, based on the evaluation, make a determination as to the appropriate course of care for the athlete. In most cases, injuries are minor in nature and the athlete can be successfully treated in the athletic training clinic. If the injury is more extensive, the athlete will be referred to the appropriate medical staff.

If you feel an athletic injury requires the evaluation or care of a physician, please feel free to contact us prior to seeing your physician of choice. It is important for the follow-up care of your child that we have open communication with your child’s physician. It is also important that we know the diagnosis and instructions in order to provide the follow-up care necessary. If your child is seen by a physician for a sports-related injury or illness, he/she may not be able to return to participation without a written release from that physician. Without that written release, we have no way of confirming the diagnosis, what treatment we may provide, whether or not an athlete is actually cleared to return to participation or if there are limitations to his/her participation.

Returning to Participation

Any athlete that was unable to complete a playing session (practice or game) due to injury must be evaluated and cleared by the Athletic Trainer before returning to participation.The Athletic Trainer is the only person authorized by the school system to provide clearance to return to play. If a physician’s care was provided, the proper form should be given to the Athletic Trainer before clearance can be granted. Coaches are not authorized to accept clearance documents, or allow athletes to return without Athletic Trainer clearance. If you have ANY questions regarding the care of your child’s injury, please contact the Athletic Training Staff.