Hillsdale Athletics Awards Night 2013-14


Hillsdale Athletics Awards Night

May 19th at 7:00pm in our Auditorium 

Students (and families) WILL BE notified if they are receiving one of the following awards:

-Three Sport Athletes (9th-12th Grade)

Student-Athletes who have achieved a 4.0 grade point average (non-weighted) through the first five grading periods (9th-12th Grade)


This award goes to our school’s most outstanding athlete (one male and one female).  Factors we consider include both the level of excellence in any given sport as well as excellence in more than one sport.  Performance in past years may also be considered, as this award should be viewed as a culminating achievement.


This award goes to the student-athlete (one male and one female) who has displayed the strongest combination of academic and athletic excellence.


This award goes to the student-athlete (one male and one female) who has displayed outstanding personal character in addition to achievement in both athletics and academics.  This student does not need to be the most outstanding athlete and/or student, but, rather, someone who displays great work ethic and perseverance, is a great teammate, and has displayed outstanding sportsmanship.


-Tony Cecil Memorial Award This is our top athletic award, and represents the best combination of athletic excellence, academic achievement, and outstanding leadership and personal character. This award will be presented last to one student athlete and will be accompanied by a $1,000 scholarship from our Athletic Boosters.

I hope you and your family can join us on May 19th so our school and athletics department can celebrate and recognize your achievements as a student-athlete.

Go Knights!

Brett Stevenson

Athletic Director

Hillsdale High School

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