Spirit Squad

The Hillsdale High School Spirit Squad cheers for football and basketball primarily, but are supporters of all athletes on campus. Our goal is to support and encourage school spirit both at school and in the community. Tryouts are held in Spring for all grades. Click the links below to see more information including schedules, rosters , coaches, special events and posts for each team. The Spirit Squad is available to support your event! Contact Advisor Sabrina Braccini to make arrangements.



Welcome to the 2017-2018 Spirit Squad!  Check back here regularly for important announcements about our upcoming events and activities!

2017 -2018 Spirit Squad Final Roster

Congratulations to everyone that attended try-outs today!  It was a very tough decision. This is the FINAL list.

Varsity and JV,

 Hey girls! We are so excited to welcome you to the 2017-2018 Cheer Squad. We would love to meet you all and get to know you briefly this Friday the 14th at the Round Table on 43rd, by Bel Mateo Bowl around 6:00-7 pm. I understand its last minute and some of you may not be able to come, but those of you that can stop by for a few minutes would be great.
Can’t wait for an awesome year and so excited to get to know all of you.
Kind Regards,
Stephanie Marcone & Treahna Franco


2017-2018 Varsity Cheer Team
1.    Lexi Alcordo
2.    Camilia Bartock
3.    Kayla Burns
4.    Talia Casetta
5.    Haley Donegan
6.    Ava Frediani
7.    Rachael Goodwine
8.    Halyee Jepsen
9.    Nicole Jester
10.   Sophia Kajani
11.    Rachel Kelaita
12.  Claudia Lyons
13.  Leanna Leslie
14.  Maddy Martella
15.  Ashlyn Mahoney
16.  Julian Nguyen
17.  Tori Nix
18.  Audrey Perez
19.  Kayla Sagabean
20.  Sarah Sanchez
21.  Sophia Siotos
22.  Kaitlin Visante
2017-2018 JV Cheer Team


1.    Keely Armstrong
2.    Lily Ballard
3.    Guadalupe Carillo
4.    Haley Haas
5.    Emma Ikeda
6.    Daniela Ibarra
7.    Emma Jedrezejewski
8.    Rachel Keylin
9.  Kristin Katayama
10.  Sadie O’Sullivan
11.  Katie Ryan
12.  Nina Rothe
13.  Allison Rulli
14.  Jazmine Reyes
15.  Bella Realini
16.  Marlee Sanchez
17.  Alina Suarez
18.  Morgan Smith
19.  Niamh Scallen
20.  Lauren Tong
21.  Olivia Versen
22.  Anya Wuthrich
23.  Connie Sanchez Peral