Eric Bower Wins Tony Cecil Award

Eric is so incredibly valued and respected by every member of our basketball program, students and coaching staff. Eric is the the epitome of what it means to be a Hillsdale Knight! Eric  is a four year member of our basketball program at Hillsdale High School in San Mateo. I believe what separates Eric from most of these student-athletes is that Eric is as quality of a human being as I have ever come into contact with, which includes both student AND adult. Eric possesses an incredible work ethic and a desire to be the best at whatever he so chooses, but more importantly, he exudes a warmth and kindness that allows for a very humble leadership style. Eric’s honesty and sincerity allows for meaningful relationships with Hillsdale adults and students. Eric has influenced a number of our community members in a very positive way at Hillsdale. Eric has been selected as the captain of the Hillsdale varsity basketball team for his senior season, which was voted on by his teammates and the coaching staff. Eric was also the recipient of the Nick Vanos Award and Coaches Award his senior year. Eric one these awards for his capacity to be there for each and every teammate when ever there was a problem. It was not uncommon for Eric to tutor teammates and was always the first to welcome a younger student to the varsity team. Eric was voted PAL All League Honorable Mention in the PAL South. Academically, Eric is a gifted student and his academic record speaks for itself with a weighted academic grade point average of 4.09. I would argue that what makes Eric even more special is that Eric has managed to be a contributing member of not only our basketball program but also the school at large. Over the years, Eric would rise each morning to take a zero period student government class at 6:30am, takes a rigorous academic load featuring several AP classes, during the school day and then competes in basketball after school and into the evening. Most importantly, when something important needs to be completed on our campus or in our basketball program, Eric is the first student I would contact because Eric follows through each and every time. I CANNOT think of a better teammate or representative of Hillsdale high school than Eric Bower. Eric has been accepted to UCSB in the fall.

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