Chris Rodman Lands His Dream Job As New Soccer Coach at Hillsdale

Hillsdale High School has hired Chris Rodman to take over as head coach of the boy’s varsity soccer team. Rodman replaces long time Hillsdale coach Andy Hodzic, who guided the Knights to an Ocean division championship last year. The Knights soccer team will advance to the Bay division this year and Rodman and his coaching staff are up for the challenge. Hillsdale is home for Rodman and his two top assistants, Manny Pliego and Jaimie Gomez as all three were stand out soccer players for the Knights in the early 90’s. “Chris had a great interview and really impressed the interview panel which consisted of interim AD Mike Busser and head baseball coach James Madison and head football coach Mike Parodi. Chris articulated a blueprint on how he will advance the soccer program  through the Bay division and CCS. Chris also demonstrated great appreciation for Hillsdale High School and made it clear, this was his dream job,” stated athletic director Brett Stevenson.

Chris Rodman Biounnamed

  • Born and raised in San Mateo
  • Hillsdale class of 1991
  • Played multiple sports including soccer at Hillsdale
  • Have been coaching soccer since I was 13
  • Played SMAYSO and club soccer in San Mateo
  • Current Coach for San Mateo City Football Club 97’ & 98’
  • Assistant Coach for Hillsdale Junior Varsity in 2013
  • Grandfather Gordon Ferrin was a history teacher at Hillsdale           from 1959-1987. 
  • Mother was a part of the athletic department all through her 4         years at HHS. Including playing flag football for Coaching                   legend Dick Vermiel.
  • Family attended Hillsdale  Aunt Sandee 62’ Uncle Eric 65’                   Mom Anita 66’  Aunt Valerie 68’ Sister Kim 92’
  • Will have two daughters attending Hillsdale in 2015/2016                   school year-  (Breanna 17’ plays 3 sports soccer, golf, softball)          (Alexa 19’ will hopefully play soccer)
  • Mentored by Nigerian Olympic Soccer player and Bay Area soccer legend Tony Igwe. Olympics in 68 and             National Championship in 75,76 and 78 at USF.
  • Coaches Manuel Pliego 92’ and Jaime Gomez 93’ also graduated from Hillsdale.


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